Homecoming Football Game

Bailey Aliberto, Staff Reporter

Football games are a great place to hang out with friends, watch a sports game, and have a good time with people you know. Although, one football game in particular is very popular among the student population. The Homecoming Game!


 “My favorite part was the homecoming court announcement to see who won because it’s fun to celebrate and be there to see if your friend wins,” Ella Baker (’25).


During the homecoming game, the homecoming court was announced, and the winners were crowned.


“I thought the announcements were fun, and although I’m not really friends with the winners, I still think it’s super cool to see who in my class year gets to put on that sash,” Alie Homa (’25) said.


The homecoming also had activities for students which included the super fun fake-tattoos that were a popular attraction for many students.


“My favorite part of the homecoming football game was hanging out with my friends and putting the PHU tattoos on my friends,” Catalina Castro (’25) said.


The Homecoming Football Game is a very popular game for the school and many of the students go all-out to celebrate and cheer for our team. Also, cheering for the homecoming court winners is a big part of the game.


“My favorite part about the game was hanging out with my friends and cheering for my team and also seeing who won for homecoming court,” Mateo Monday (’25) said.


A big spectacle at the game was the two-time winner of the homecoming court for the class of ‘25, Will Seibert. Many people congratulate Seibert for having won court for the second time in two years, which is not an easy feat to accomplish. But Seibert is not the only two-time homecoming court winner; Lily Diaz (’23) won homecoming queen and this was also her second time winning a homecoming sash.


In all, the homecoming game was a big celebration for the school and all who participated left with good stories and fun times to talk about with their friends.